Hyponasality Screening

Hyponasality occurs when the nasal cavity cannot be accessed for the nasal consonants "m", "n" and "ng". This results in the sound "b" being pronounced as an "m" and the "n" sound as a "d". Perform the following Vibration Test to check your nasal resonance.

Place your hands on your cheeks and hum. Note if you feel your cheeks slightly vibrating.

Using your finger tips, gently touch your cheeks and sides of your nose while repeating aloud: none, man, nan, moon several times. Note any slight vibrations in your nose and cheek area.

Click on the box next to the phrase that most accurately describes the results of the Vibration Test:

I felt vibration during the humming and saying the words.

I felt vibration during the humming or saying most of the words.
I felt very little vibration or none at all.