Voice Improvement

Voice improvement can be achieved by learning a play in balance regarding three major systems:

 the breath system, (the power generator)

the larynx, (the vibrator)

the resonance system (quality control)

The voice can be viewed as an instrument that we can learn to  play.  If you ever studied an instrument in the past or are presently proficient in your instrument, you will remember learning to create sound with steady pressure of air, or movement.  After learning to produce the first step of creating sound, you then learned to vary pressure through various movements.  The third portion was variance in richness of the tones.  The same can be taught with modifying or enhancing our voice quality.  The best singers and speakers have had specialized training in learning to produce their best quality for performance.  We all enjoy listening to professionals.  We too have the ability to create our best voice through education of voice mechanics, learning vocal care measures and learning basic techniques that bring the best out in our voices!  

If you desire more information, a six session program is available upon your request.     .