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Does how you sound to others effect your message? Differences such as mispronunciation of words, accent, speaking with an unnatural high or low pitch, loss of words, unconventional use of English can cause the listener to concentrate on how you are talking instead of what you are saying. The Perfect Voice helps professionals and individuals enhance and perfect their spoken message.

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Through therapy or coaching techniques, you can realize your best speaking form.

Remember,  how you sound on recordings is how others hear you!

This website provides information on therapy  and other professional communication services offered by The Perfect Voice. If you prefer  personal communication call The Perfect Voice at 336-852-2817 (and leave a message for Lilli) or send e-mail to info@perfectvoice.net.

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Voice Therapy: The Perfect Voice offers therapy to individuals who are experiencing difficulties with voice production. Clients receive management as well as therapeutic techniques for improvement. Service includes functional disorders such as vocal polyps and vocal nodules, voice restoration following stroke, Parkinson's disease utilizing the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment Program, laryngectomy patients and those experiencing a strained strangled quality known as Spasmodic Dysphonia.
Speech-Language Therapy: Adults and children experiencing difficulties with fluency, lisping, motor impairments such as tongue thrust, developmental articulation impairment, loss or interruption of language due to stroke, developmental language disorder, are all welcome for up to date intervention strategies at The Perfect Voice.
Accent Reduction: Accents are defining to the region where we are raised and define our place within the community. However, some individuals feel self conscious about their accent and feel it necessary to portray a non-identifying pattern. Through weekly sessions, individual or small groups, persons can learn to modify or adjust their accent to a desired level.
Voice Improvement: There are few individuals who can actually say "I love to hear myself talk." What is most often said is, "You say this for me; I don't like the way I sound". Through a planned program of voice, speech education and practice, individuals can find the proper amount of tension, breath support, pitch and relaxation to find the potential of their best voice.
Body Language: An added accent to communication is body language. Knowing the right moves to make at the right time can make your first impression a lasting one.
Diction Improvement: Clear pronunciation is a must if you want to be heard! The Perfect Voice can clear your slurred and mumbled speech and make you a vibrant speaker.
Grammar: Complaints are often heard at the office regarding proper verb tense as well as pronoun use, etc. The Perfect Voice can help you redefine your grammar pattern and teach proper use within all settings.
Professional Communication Skills Training: When an employee interacts with a customer that employee IS the company.  Make sure every employee represents the image your company wants.